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• 12/4/2018

FS Wiki in foreign languages

Someday, when the wiki becomes larger, there may be a need for pages in different languages. A good start for that would most likely be Spanish, since it is the 3rd most widely spoken language after English and Mandarin Chinese. Maybe someone could start a Spanish language version of the wiki? Who thinks so?

Should there be a Spanish language version of the wiki?
  • Yes, but not yet.
  • No.
  • Maybe.
  • Yes, very soon!
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• 12/26/2017
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• 7/7/2018

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• 4/15/2017

Measuring units

Hi all! I am totally confused about them. For now, I only own the starting field No 16. I saw barley and harvest around 5250 every time. But those are what? Kilos, litres, gallons? The PDA and the progress bar of the trailer show ga (gallons), the sillage (where I store my harvested crops) on the PDA also shows gallons as measuring unit. But the prices are all in $/t (I assume dollars per ton (1000 kg)). So, what's the mathematical relation between kilo and gallon in the game?
I tried to find it the hard way. Today, I got Great Demand for barley in the Farm Shop - 493 $/t. The trailer can hold 5700 gallons. I wrote down how much money I have before selling the barley in that trailer and after selling I made a note again. I subtracted one number from the other and the result is 2808 $ I divided 2808 to 493 and got 5.69574... tons. Does that mean, that 1 gallon is very close to 1 kilo? Thanks!
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• 3/19/2017

Are you a wiki editor / contributor?

I'm looking for people who like editing wikis to have a look at this wiki...

it is a wiki for a game

have a look and let me know what you think!
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• 1/7/2017

Multi 4115

How do u switch between the two
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• 7/10/2016

Where can I borrow from a bank?

Where can I borrow from a bank?
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• 3/7/2016

Where i can get that 1-2-3 gearbox?

Where i can get that 1-2-3 gearbox?
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• 1/1/2016
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• 12/17/2015

Reset maps!

I Made, in my opinion the most stupid act in Farming Simulator 15, planted on the field grass! After, I decided to sow the field crops (wheat, barley), as it turned out PRONTO 9 CW can not sow the field where the grass is growing, and had to buy a plow "to mark the field." Naturally got sloppy, the field looks on the map by default, but in fact, there is a complete ass!
Is it possible to somehow return the card to the original state, so that all the fields have been normal?
Thank you in advance!
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• 11/25/2015


Hello! Do not tell me, is there a difference between AMAZONE_UF_1801 and AMAZONE_ZG-B_8200 in Farming Simulator 15? That is, does it make sense to buy them both or can be limited to one, AMAZONE_UF_1801 for example only?
Thank you in advance!
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• 10/24/2015

How to use low loader

I can't figure out how to use lower the low loaders ramps.
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• 9/13/2015

Grey Train In West bridge Hills?

Can you send the train in West bridge Hills away to get more money like on Bjornholm?
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• 9/13/2015

Slots and base

What does plus n and minus n mean (n mean any number) with slots and bases and what do they mean to the game?
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• 9/12/2015

Different Balers

Do you get different amount of bales depending on the baler (round baler and square/rectangle baler)?
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• 7/23/2015


how do i sell fields
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• 7/9/2015

If you find the default Wikia skin annoying

I realize the "oasis" skin adds some helpful features, but unfortunately at the expense of arguably making wiki content harder to read and a lot more cluttered. I don't remember it being quite this bad when I used to use Wikia on another wiki a couple years ago. If you want to know how to try an alternative skin, you can try going to your preferences and selecting the 'Monobook' layout. It's old school and you lose some of the Wikia bells and whistles (if you use them), but at least it uses more of the display area and content is generally easier to read.
These days I'm wondering how many people are thinking of migrating to other hosts who support the "vector" skin (used on wikipedia) for ease of reading, navigation, editing and overall wiki management.
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• 6/23/2015

How do I spread straw in the cow pen?

I bought this piece of equipment:
"The Primor 3570 M is a straw blower that accepts round straw bales, which can be placed into the shredder using a front loader with a bale fork. The bales are then shredded and distributed into the cow shed. The straw is necessary for the cows to produce manure.
I use a Kuhn SPV Confort 12 to mix the proper ratio of feed and fill both feed troughs.  Then I try to use the straw blower to fill the cow shed with straw and I get a message that the cows have enough food and I can't spread the straw.  Is there a proper sequence that I'm missing?
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• 6/22/2015

do harvesters brake down

my harvester will only go 0 miles a hour. any idea why
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• 6/16/2015

How do I sell straw/hay at the "brown barn" on my farm?

I've read that you can sell straw/hay at the brown barn on your farm (Westbridge) but I can't seem to get it too work.  What's the secret?  Does it have to be single on a forklift, on a trailer....?  I have tried multiple ways but never seem to get a "sell" option to pop up.
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