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A Bale Wrapper is a type of Implement in Farming Simulator 17.


The Bale Wrapper can pick up Bales of Grass or Hay from the ground, and transform them into Silage bales. This is a very quick way of producing small quantities of Silage.

A Bale Wrapper picks up bales from the field on its own - it does not need to be loaded by another machine. Some Bale Wrappers can only work with bales of one specific shape (either Round or Square), while others can use both shapes. However only Grass and Hay are accepted - Straw bales will be ignored.

The Bale Wrapper turns the original bale into a Silage bale of the same shape as the original, except it now contains an equivalent amount of Silage. The process increases the sale-value of any bale by a significant factor. Silage Bales are also very handy in Animal Husbandry, since they can easily be fed into a Mixer Wagon.

Farming Simulator 17 only features one model of Bale Wrapper in the base game, which can only work with Round bales of Grass or Hay. This gives an incentive to create Round Bales, since they are otherwise less desirable than Square Bales. The Kuhn DLC adds another Bale Wrapper model that can work with bales of any shape, as well as a Baler that can wrap bales immediately after creating them.

List of Bale Wrappers[]

Below is the only Bale Wrapper model available in the base game. It can be found in the "Baling Technology" category at the store. The Kuhn DLC adds one Bailer.

Name Price Maint. Cost
per Day
Weight Hitch
FS17 Ursus-Z586.png
Ursus Z-586
42,000 170 FS17 Icon RoundBale Black Small.png 1,147 Draw Bar (Bolt)
FS17 Kuhn-SW4014.png
Kuhn SW 4014
(Kuhn DLC only)
54,000 220 FS17 Icon RoundBale Black Small.pngFS17 Icon SquareBale Black Small.png ??? Three Point Hitch

Towing a Bale Wrapper[]

Any vehicle with the correct attachment point can tow and operate a Bale Wrapper.

Bale Wrappers do not have a "turn on" option, which means they don't draw any power from their towing vehicle. This also means that any vehicle that can tow a Bale Wrapper can operate it - even those without a PTO - including Trucks, Cars, and even some Harvesters.

Picking up Bales[]

A Bale Wrapper can pick up Bales from the ground automatically. There is no need to use another machine to load bales into a Bale Wrapper.

When the Bale Wrapper is unfolded FS17 KeyboardButton.pngBale Wrapper: UnfoldDefault Buttons: 30?cb=20170827234847 X30?cb=20170827234910 ??30?cb=20170828002413 ??, it extends itself (or part of itself) to the side of the towing vehicle. The Bale Wrapper will constantly check for bales entering its "Pickup Area", which is a small area directly in front of the Bale Wrapper (its exact position changes from model to model).

If the Bale Wrapper detects a bale of the appropriate shape and material entering this "Pickup Area", it will immediately pick up that bale, and begin to wrap it in foil. There is no need to press any buttons to pick up the bale or begin to wrap it - it happens automatically.

Remember: A Bale Wrapper can only pick up bales of specific shapes - either Round or Square. Some models can pick up both shapes without any problem. It will only pick up Grass or Hay bales. If you attempt to pick up a bale of the wrong shape, or a Straw bale of any shape, an error message will flash on the screen, and the pickup will not occur.

Processing a Bale[]

As soon as a Bale Wrapper picks up a valid bale, it will immediately begin to wrap it in foil. There is no need to press any button to initiate this process - it happens automatically.

The wrapping process takes around 20 seconds in total (varies from model to model). The bale will be rotated several times, while the Bale Wrapper packs it with layers of foil (usu. white, but not always), until the process is completed.

There is no way to stop the wrapping process. The process is paused if the Bale Wrapper is disconnected from its towing vehicle at any point, but will continue immediately once the Bale Wrapper is reconnected. There is no way to remove the bale from the Bale Wrapper until the process is completed.

Once the wrapping is over, the bale will remain inside the machine until it is manually unloaded FS17 KeyboardButton.pngBale Wrapper: UnloadDefault Buttons: 30?cb=20170827234847 Y30?cb=20170827234910 ??30?cb=20170828002413 ??. This will cause the wrapped bale to drop out of the machine. A Bale Wrapper cannot process another bale until the previous bale has been unloaded.

Silage Bales[]

The result of the Bale Wrapping process is a single bale of Silage, having the same shape and quantity as the original bale. All bales in the base game contain exactly 4,000 liters.

The Silage Bale can be used in two different ways: Sell it, or use it to feed your Cows.

Selling Silage Bales[]

A single bale of Silage sells for approximately $2,646. This is roughly 5 times as much as a bale of Grass ($486) or 4 times as much as a bale of Hay, given the average market price of these materials.

You can sell a Silage Bale by simply taking it into your Barn. The method you use to bring it there is irrelevant: You can bring it on a Bale Trailer, in a Bale Collector, stuck on a Bale Fork, or even push it inside. The bale will be sold immediately when it touches the Barn's sale point.

Alternatively, you can drop the Silage bale into the receptacle at the Biogas Plant - just as you'd sell regular loose Silage.

Turning Grass or Hay into Silage for sale with a Bale Wrapper is just as efficient as producing it en-masse in a Silage Bunker. In fact, it can be a lot quicker to do so, because Silage Bunkers require leveling and shoveling and many hours of fermentation. The baling technique is quite a bit faster, even when taking into account the time it takes to create the bales, wrap them, and load them onto a Bale Collector or Bale Trailer.

Above all, remember that converting Hay into Silage is wasteful, given the work required to convert Grass into Hay. There is absolutely no functional difference between Grass and Hay bales when wrapping them. If you're going to wrap Hay, do so only if you have absolutely no other use for Hay.

Feeding Cows[]

Instead of selling your Silage Bales, you can store them near your Cow Pasture and use them to feed your Cows.

One way to feed Cows with Silage Bales is to place the bale directly on the Feeding Trough. This adds the silage to the cow's feeding storage. However, this is quite wasteful, because Silage and Hay are interchangeable for this specific purpose. Since Hay is worth much less than Silage (and takes less effort to produce), it's not a good idea to waste Silage on direct feeding.

On the other hand, Silage is a major component in the production of Power Food ("Total Mixed Ration"). This requires mixing Silage with Hay in a Mixer Wagon at just the right proportions (with optional Straw added as filler material), and dumped into the Feeding Trough. Silage Bales are very handy for this, as they can be easily dumped into the Mixer Wagon and contain an exact quantity of material. Mixing bales of Silage, Hay and Straw at the correct proportions is exceptionally easy.