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Barley ripe

Barley at harvest stage

Barley is one of the crops available in Farming Simulator 2013. Like wheat, barley produces straw, which can be used as fodder for cows or sold at the small wooden barn on your farm or it can also be processed at the biogas plant.


  1. Plow or cultivate the field;
  2. Sow barley seeds using suitable sowing machine;
  3. Fertilize your field. This step is optional but strongly recommended as it will double the yield;
  4. Harvest with any combine harvester and a normal header;
  5. If baling, windrowed straw requires fewer passes by the baler;
  6. Plow or cultivate the field again to remove stubbles from it, and sow anew.
  7. You now have successfully cultivated the plant, barley.


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Fertilized and unfertilized wheat yields 22,000 and 11,000 litres per hectare respectively. It also gives 30,000 litres of straw, both fertilized or not.

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