A Bucket (or Shovel) is a type of Loading Tool in Farming Simulator 17. Buckets are used to scoop materials from Piles on the ground, lift them up, and dump them elsewhere (or into any container).

Buckets can work with any type of loose material in the game (full list below). This gives them a huge advantage over Manure Forks, which can only work with a limited variety of materials.

The base game offers four different models of Buckets. Each model is designed to be fitted on a different type of Loader. Other than this, the primary difference between buckets is their Capacity - the larger the capacity, the more material a bucket can lift with each scoop, speeding up the work. The largest bucket in the game (the Magsi Universal Shovel) can lift more than 3 times as much as the smallest (the Stoll Universal Bucket).

List of Buckets Edit

The following is a list of all Buckets found in the base game. Note that each Bucket is found in a different category at the Store, and can only be fitted to one specific type of Loader.

Common Features: $5 Maintenance Cost per Day

Name Price Capacity Working
Width (m)
Weight Attachment
FS17 Stoll-UniversalBucket
Stoll Universal Bucket
1,400 1,860 2.5 403 Front Loading Arm
FS17 JCB-UniversalShovel
JCB Universal Shovel
800 2,000 2.5 334 Skid Steer Loader
FS17 Magsi-Shovel
Magsi Shovel
2,800 4,500 3 597 Telehandler
FS17 Magsi-UniversalShovel
Magsi Universal Shovel
3,600 6,000 2.5 247 Wheel Loader

List of Bucket Materials Edit

Buckets can work with any type of loose material in the game - i.e. any type of material that can be dumped on the ground to create a Pile, or dumped into a container or vehicle that accepts it.

Below is a full list of all materials that a Bucket can scoop up:

FS17 Icon Wheat Black Small Wheat
FS17 Icon Barley Black Small Barley
FS17 Icon Canola Black Small Canola
FS17 Icon Sunflower Black Small Sunflower
FS17 Icon Soybean Black Small Soybean
FS17 Icon Corn Black Small Corn
FS17 Icon Potato Black Small Potato
FS17 Icon SugarBeet Black Small Sugar Beet
FS17 Icon SolidFertilizer Black Small Solid Fertilizer
FS17 Icon Manure Black Small Manure
FS17 Icon Seeds Black Small Seeds
FS17 Icon Forage Black Small Forage
FS17 Icon TMR Black Small Total Mixed Ration
FS17 Icon Chaff Black Small Chaff
FS17 Icon WoodChips Black Small Wood Chips
FS17 Icon Silage Black Small Silage
FS17 Icon Straw Black Small Straw
FS17 Icon PigFood Black Small Pig Food
FS17 Icon LooseGrass Black Small Grass
FS17 Icon Hay Black Small Hay

Working with Buckets Edit

Once a Bucket is installed on the appropriate vehicle, using it is very simple: Any loose material (see above) that touches the lower edge of the bucket will be scooped into the bucket. Conversely, tipping the bucket forward at a steep enough angle will cause the material to spill out onto the ground or into any container that is directly underneath the bucket.

If the bucket is at least 5% full with material of any type, it can only scoop up additional material of the same type. If it tries to scoop a different material, that material will simply not be picked up. If you want to pick up a different type of material, empty the bucket first.

On the other hand, if the bucket contains less than 5% of material, it can scoop up any type of material, magically changing the type of material in the bucket to fit whatever it has just picked up. This feature prevents situations where you're stuck with a tiny amount of material in your bucket that refuses to spill out.

Note also that the angle at which materials spill out of the bucket is calculated relative to the horizon. Therefore, it the vehicle climbs up or down a steep hill, for example, the bucket can end up being angled towards the ground even though you didn't angle it down - causing materials to spill out. For this reason, it's important to angle your bucket all the way upwards when it is carrying materials, to reduce the chance of something like that happening. If the vehicle flips over completely, the bucket will always spill out.

Finally, note that when a bucket is full, the weight of its contents is modeled in the game and can affect the balance of the vehicle carrying it. Lighter vehicles, e.g. small Tractors and Skid Steer Loaders that lift a fully-loaded bucket up high above the cabin can end up tipping over if you're not careful.

Comparing Buckets to other Tools Edit

Buckets can only be directly compared to one other type of tool: Manure Forks.

Buckets and Manure Forks are designed for a similar purpose: to scoop materials off the ground and dump them elsewhere or into containers. However there are two crucial differences between them:

  1. Buckets can work with any type of materials, whereas Manure Forks can only lift a very limited variety of materials. For example, most Animal Husbandry can only be performed with a Bucket. A
  2. Some Manure Forks have a locking jaw that can completely prevent materials from spilling out, regardless of the angle of the tool relative to the ground.

Overall, the ability to work with any material makes Buckets the better choice. Furthermore, Buckets generally have a larger capacity and are slightly cheaper to buy, making them all-round superior to Manure Forks.

Nonetheless, one specific model of Manure Fork, the Lizard Silage Fork, is larger than any bucket in the game, and is a far superior tool for working with certain materials - mostly Silage and Manure.

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