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Fully grown canola

Canola is one of the crops in the game. Unlike wheat or barley, canola does not produce straw. Canola crops are the bright yellow fields that you probably see in the summer time.


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Canola prices are generally around 1120 $ per 1,000 l on normal difficulty. The highest prices are usually seen at the The Inn, and the lowest at The Mill.

Canola is the grain that sells for the most at any selling point while having the lowest yield per hectare. For comparison against wheat, barley yields ~92% of wheat, canola yields half and corn yields the same. Canola is an excellent choice for your fields further frome combines and tippers fill up half as fast.


  1. Plow or cultivate the field;
  2. Sow canola seeds using suitable sowing machine;
  3. Fertilize your field. This step is optional but strongly recommended as it will double the yield;
  4. Harvest with any combine harvester and a normal header;
  5. Plow or cultivate the field again to remove stubbles from it, and sow anew.

Tip: If you have a dual-purpose sowing machine like AMAZONE Condor 15001, you will do step #1 while doing step #2 automatically.


Fertilized and unfertilized canola brings you 12,000 and 6,000 litres per hectare respectively.

Growth SpeedEdit

Fast Normal Slow
Growth stage 1
Canola 1stStage Sml
7hrs* 10hrs
Growth stage 2
Canola 2ndStage Sml
Growth stage 3
Canola 3rdStage Sml
Harvest stage 1
17-23hrs* 23hrs
Harvest stage 2 28hrs
Harvest stage 3 34hrs
Withered 40hrs
  1. Tested at 120x time on a 24C sunny day. All times can change due to weather.
  2. On fast growth setting reaching harvest stage 1 took 17 In game hours on a day when it was 28C and 23 In game hours when it was 18C.

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