FS17 CaseIH-1660AxialFlow
FS17 CaseIH

The Case IH 1660 Axial-Flow is a Harvester available in Farming Simulator 17. It is one of the cheapest and smallest Harvesters available in the base game. It has a low maximum speed, high maintenance, and a fairly small fuel tank, but makes up for this by having a relatively large crop capacity for its size.

Advantages Edit

  • Cheap: The 1660 Axial-Flow is one of the cheapest available harvesters.
  • Relatively Large Crop Capacity: The 1660 Axial-Flow has an internal crop capacity equivalent to a New Holland TC5.90, while being almost $30,000 cheaper. Nonetheless, it is more suitable for working low-yield crops, such as Canola, Soybeans or Sunflowers.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low Horsepower: The 1660 Axial-Flow is strong enough to operate most Harvesting Headers, but it cannot operate the largest ones at all.
  • No Power Transfer: Unlike other Small-class harvesters, the 1660 Axial-Flow cannot turn on any implement attached to its rear.
  • Very Short Pipe: The 1660 Axial-Flow's unloading pipe is very short, which means it can only unload into small and medium Tippers (up to and including the Joskin Trans-SPACE 8000). Any attempt to unload into a larger Tipper will result in a collision.
  • Slow: The 1660 Axial-Flow is a very slow harvester. While this does not affect speed during the actual harvest procedure, it does make moving the harvester from field to field somewhat long and tedious. Consider using a Low Loader to transport this harvester around.
  • High Maintenance: The 1660 Axial-Flow has a maintenance cost per day that is very high for its Horsepower output.
  • Deep Rear Attachment Point: The 1660 Axial-Flow's rear attachment points are located deep underneath the harvester. This prevents it from hooking up to certain machines.

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $145,000
  • Maintenance Cost: $660 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $2,900 + $7,250/h + $1,450/d
  • Engine Power: 140 kW / 190 hp
  • Max. Speed: 22 km/h / 14 mph
  • Max. Reverse Speed: 15 km/h / 9 mph
  • Fuel Capacity: 350 L
  • Crop Capacity: 6,340 L
  • Front Attachments: Harvesting Header
  • Rear Attachments: Drawbar (Ball), Drawbar (Bolt)
  • Mass: 9,074 kg