FS17 Challenger-MT700E
FS17 Challenger

The Challenger MT700E is a Tractor available in Farming Simulator 17. It is a large tractor, comfortable with both heavy implements and loaded tippers. The MT700E is the smallest tractor fitted with a single caterpillar track (which cannot be replaced), giving it amazing maneuverability. On the other hand, it is slower than other tractors of its size-group. Furthermore, it is the smallest tractor that lacks front attachments altogether, and its engine upgrades are somewhat disappointing - though they do make it the strongest of all large-sized tractors by a small margin.

Advantages Edit

  • Single Caterpillar Track: The Challenger MT700E is the "smallest" tractor fitted with a single caterpillar track - it has no wheels or axles. As a result, this huge tractor can turn on a dime and can brake almost instantly from any speed.
  • Front Counterweight: Instead of a Three-point hitch, the MT700E has a large Weight permanently installed at the front, to counterbalance any heavy weight dragged behind the tractor.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Slow: The MT700E is the only large tractor that cannot reach 52 km/h / 32 mph. Therefore it is more suitable for field-work than for towing equipment and tippers around the map.
  • Weak Engine Upgrades: The MT700E has two engine upgrades, but they are both fairly weak (but also cheap). Nonetheless, when both upgrades are installed, it is the strongest large-sized tractor in the base game, by a small margin. This gives it as much power as a small Truck, and almost as much power as a super-large tractor.
  • No Wheel Customization: The MT700E's Caterpillar Track cannot be replaced or altered. It is as wide and stable as a set of Wide Tires, but not as stable as a set of Twin Wheels, which other tractors of this size often feature.
  • No Front Three-point Hitch: The MT700E's only Three-point hitch attachment is at the back.
  • No Rear Bolt Attachment: The MT700E's only Drawbar (Bolt) attachment point is at the front.

Customization Edit

Engine Setup Edit

  • MT755E: No change to engine power.
  • MT765E (+$13,500 and +$27/d): Increases engine power output to 302 kW / 411 hp, increasing the load this tractor can tow comfortably.
  • MT775E (+$27,000 and +$54/d): Increases engine power output to 322 kW / 438 hp, making the MT700E the strongest large-size tractor by a small margin - and nearly puts it in the super-large tractor category.

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $314,000
  • Maintenance Cost: $470 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $8,280 + $15,700/h + $3,140/d
  • Engine Power: 282 kW / 384 hp
  • Max. Speed: 43 km/h / 26 mph
  • Max. Reverse Speed: 14 km/h / 9 mph
  • Fuel Capacity: 659 L
  • Front Attachments: Drawbar (Bolt)
  • Rear Attachments: Three-point hitch, Drawbar (Ball)
  • Mass: 13,624 kg

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