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Corn ripe

Corn at harvest stage

Corn is a type of grain crop that can be grown in Farming Simulator 2013. Corn can also be chaffed and then turned into silage to feed your cows either directly or as a part of Total Mixed Rations. You can also sell the silage at the biogas plant which can be very profitable. In real life after harvesting corn the byproduct of what was left behind is straw and can be baled, but in-game this crop will not produce any straw.


  1. Plow or cultivate the field;
  2. Sow corn seeds using suitable sowing machine;
  3. Fertilize your field. This step is optional but strongly recommended as it will double the yield;
  4. Harvest with either a combine harvester and a special corn header if you need grain corn, or harvest it with a forage harvester if you need chaff;
  5. Plow or cultivate the field again to remove stubbles from it, and sow anew.


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Fertilized and unfertilized grain corn brings you 24,000 and 12,000 litres per hectare respectively. Being chaffed by the forage harvester, it brings 96,000 litres per hectare if fertilized and half that if not.

Note: Yield ratios are the same on any difficulity level.