Cows or Cattle produce multiple products, including milk and manure. In some versions, they also produce liquid manure.

Required Equipment: Tractors, Mower, Tedder, Windrower [if you get a Krone Big M 500 you do not need a tedder or windrower], baler, feeding machine, loading wagon, bale autostacker [optional], telehandler, frontloader, bale fork, bucket, slurry tank, milk tanker [optional[ and straw dump machine.

Steps for creating Total Mixed Ration

Note: If you have the Krone Big M, You can skip step 3.[edit | edit source]

  1. Cut the grass with a mower.
  2. Ted the grass into hay with a tedder.
  3. Windrow the hay with a windrower.
  4. Bale the hay.
  5. Pick up 1 straw bale and put it into the feeding wagon.
  6. Pick up 1 hay bale and put it into the feeding wagon.\ YTB
  7. Put some grass into the silo to turn it into silage. Make sure it is at least 10% or it will not let you turn the grass into silage.
  8. With the feeding wagon, pick up some silage until the feeding wagon is full.
  9. Unload the feeding wagon into the main cow barn.
Steps for Grass
  1. Mow the grass
  2. Pick up the grass with a loading wagon.
  3. Unload the grass in a trough.
Steps for Straw
  1. Pick up one hay bale and put it into a hay bale extruder machine.
  2. Unload it into the machine.
  3. Jobs a good'un.
Steps for Milk Delivery

These steps are optional but if you want to deliver the milk yourself, you will need a couple of mods.

  • Step 1: When there is milk available, pick up the milk with a milk tanker or trailer.
  • Step 2: When the tanker or trailer is full, drive it to the dairy on the map.
  • Step 3: Unload.
Steps for Silage
  • Step 1: Put the grass or chaff (cut corn from a forage harvester) into a silage silo.
  • Step 2: Ferment (make sure there is enough grass  or chaff, at least 15%, or you will not be allowed to ferment the grass or chaff)
  • Step 3: Take the silage to the biogas plant and unload it there to get money.
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