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  Update 1.2 for Farming Simulator 22 is out now!


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In Farming Simulator 22, one main source of income is growing crops. All crops can be grown, harvested, and sold. Each crop type has a unique look and some require specialised harvesters to harvest them.

Crops can also be used in the new production chains to produce other good for increased profits, if you do not own these production facilities you can still sell them your crops.

Certain crops are stored in silos, some silos now need a grain auger to get the grain from the silo to the trailer.

A comparison chart of all crops is here in the Crop Comparison page.

List of Crops[]

Planting Grains[]

Equipment Needed[]

  • Tractors.
  • Cultivator.
  • Seeder and Seeds.
  • Fertilizer Spreader, Fertilizer and Lime.
  • Weeder.
  • Harvester with a Grain Header.
  • Trailer.



Its usually enough to cultivate rather than Plow, unless the game states otherwise cultivating is enough. Some seeders can direct drill and if they can we can ignore this step.


Fill up your seeder with the seeds you just bought at the Store, then head to the field. Select the crop you want, lower the seeder and turn it on and go up and down the field till your done and that's it the field is planted.

Fertilzing and Lime[]

Fertilizer will improve the yield. You need to buy it from the store like seeds. Once you have it and a spreader you can head to the field and start spreading. One pass will give you 50% fertilzation. You will need to come back at a later date when the crop has grown more to apply a second round.

Lime also improves yield. If you need it repeat the above after emptying the fertilizer spreader. Note lime only needs to be done every 3 seasons and does not need multiple passes.


Weeds will grow on the field and you must remove these to prevent a lose in yield. To do this you need a Weeder or a Sprayer. To use the weeder simply just go over the field with it lowered this can only be done in the first stage of growth otherwise you need to use the sprayer you need to fill it with Herbicide and then spray the field with it.


Now to harvest the crop, you will need to attach you header to your combine, lower the header and get to work. Once your grain tank is full you need to empty it into your trailer so pull up along side the combine extend the pipe on the combine and it will fill your trailer this can be placeced into your Grain Silo if you have one or sold straight away.


You will need to sell your grain now so fill up your trailer and have a look at the best selling point on screen. Crop prices vary throughout the year so it might be a good idea to wait and keep it in the silo until a better time.