This is an overview of equipment available in the game. Most equipment attaches to the rear or front of a tractor .

See the Vehicles article for a summary of tractors and other vehicles.


Main article: Tippers (Farming Simulator 2013)

A Tipper (also known as a trailer) is a wagon that attaches to a tractor and is used to move crops or equipment around. See also the Transport Vehicles article for vehicles built specifically for this purpose.

Potato HarvestingEdit

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Beet HarvestingEdit

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Main article: Cultivating (Farming Simulator 2013)

Cultivators prepare a harvested field for sowing.


Plows turn up soil and create furrows in preparation for cultivating. In game, plowing is the only way to remove grass from your field or anywhere else. With plows, you can also expand your fields. Plowing is unnecessary for fields that are recently purchased, or have been harvested from.

Sowing MachinesEdit

Main article: Sowing Machines (Farming Simulator 2013)

Fertilizer SpreadersEdit

Main article: Fertilizing (Farming Simulator 2013)

Spreaders distribute chemical fertilizer by scattering pellets across the field.


Main article: Fertilizing (Farming Simulator 2013)

Sprayers distribute chemical fertilizer using extended arms that spray the field.

Manure SpreadersEdit

Main article: Fertilizing (Farming Simulator 2013)

Manure is a natural fertilizer produced by cows.

Slurry TanksEdit

Main article: Fertilizing (Farming Simulator 2013)

Slurry is a natural fertilizer made of the liquid manure produced by cows.


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Loading wagonsEdit

A loading wagon can be towed by a tractor to pick up freshly mowed grass, hay or straw. They can also be filled with chaff if working along forage harvester.

Bailing TechnologyEdit

Main article: Bales (Farming Simulator 2013)

Balers are used to pick up and press hay and straw into easily transported and stored packages called bales.

Feeding TechnologyEdit

Main article: Cows (Farming Simulator 2013)#Total_Mixed_Rations

These machines are used in cow feeding.


Main article: Weights (Farming Simulator 2013)

Weights are used to properly balance tractors that have heavy loads attached to them. Using them will improve tractor's handling and top speed.