Fertilizing slurry

Fertilizing via slurry tank

Fertilizing a sowed field during the growth stage will double its yield. There are four ways to fertilize a sowed field in the game, each method needing different equipment and resources, but the end result on the field is always the same. Fertilization can be done at any growth stage, even just before harvest.

Strategy TipsEdit

Farming Simulator 2013Edit

Even though the game doesn't offer you to hire a worker when using any fertilizing equipment, it's still possible to make the AI do that work for you. All you need is to attach the Amazone ZA or the AMAZONE ZA-X 1402 to the front hitch of your tractor while letting your hired worker to plough, cultivate and/or sow the field with appropriate equipment at the tractor's back, thus performing two or even three field operations at the same time.

Farming Simulator 14Edit

You can hire workers to fertilize for you.

Fertilizer SpreadersEdit

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Fertilizer spreaders are refilled near the blue tank with white top located at your farm. Spreaders do not fold or unfold, which makes them compact and easy to transport and store.

Tip: A good starter spreader is the AMAZONE ZA-X 1402.


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Similar to spreaders, chemical sprayers are refilled near same blue tank with white top

Slurry TanksEdit

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Slurry is liquid manure produced by cows. Slurry is stored in the large dark blue tank near the cow pasture. Slurry can also be refilled at the biogas plant.

Manure SpreadersEdit

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Manure is found in a silo at the cow pasture. For cows to produce manure, they need straw. A front loader with suitable fork is required to load manure onto you spreader.

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