Forestry is a recurring element of the Farming Simulator series.

In Farming Simulator 22 forestry has became a bigger part thanks to Production Chains these now allow for new items such as Planks and Furniture to be made from wood. There are also new machines never seen before in Farming Simulator.

List of Forestry

Forestry Machines

  • MAN TGX 26.640
  • PONSSE Cobra
  • PONSSE Bizon Active Frame
  • Komatsu Forest 931XC
  • Komatsu Forest 875
  • Rottne H21D
  • Rottne F20D
  • JENZ HEM 922 DQ Cobra hybrid

Forestry Equipment

  • TMC Cancela TFK 200
  • Prinoth M650
  • Prinoth M650
  • Prinoth SF900
  • Heizomat HM 8-400 KLC
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