A Front-Loading Arm is a piece of equipment that allows a Tractor to use Loading Tools - turning it into a Front Loader. The base game offers two types of Front Loading Arms of slightly different lengths. Front Loading Arms can be found in the "Front Loaders" category at the store, along with all of the tools that can be connected to them.

For a Tractor to accept a Front-Loading Arm, it must be fitted with a "Front Loader Attacher" modification. In the base game only Small and Medium tractor models have this modification available. Other tractors cannot be fitted with an arm.

Once a Front Loading Arm is attached to the tractor, any tool designed for Front Loaders can be attached to the arm. There are many such tools available in the base game (a full list can be found here). The Front Loading Arm's hydraulic controls can raise and lower the tool, as well as tilt it forward and backward.

List of Front-Loading Arms Edit

Below are the two Front-Loading Arms available in Farming Simulator 17 by default. Other than the differences listed here, both arms work the same exact way. These arms can be found in the shop under the category "Front Loaders".

Name Price Maint. Cost
per Day
FS17 Stoll-FZ30
Stoll FZ 30
5,400 20 106
FS17 Stoll-FZ60
Stoll FZ 60
8,000 20 140

The main difference between these two arms is their length: The Stoll FZ 60 is about 15% longer than the FZ 30 (exact measurements not current available). This has a minor impact on the performance of these two tools and depends on how you intend to use them and with which tractor. Larger tractors will not be able to reach the ground with the FZ 30 and will also have collision issues when dettaching. If working in a confined space and need extra precision, choose the FZ 30. If you want to work with taller stacks of objects, choose the FZ 60.

List of Front Loader Tools Edit

Below is a list of all Loading Tools in Farming Simulator 17 that can be attached to a Front Loading Arm. All of these tools can be found in the "Front Loaders" category of the store. They will only attach to a Front Loading Arm, or to a Kramer KL30.8T.

Common Features: $5 Maintenance Cost per Day, full Color Customization

Name Price Tool Type Capacity Weight
FS17 Stoll-UniversalBucket
Stoll Universal Bucket
1,400 Bucket 1,860 403
FS17 Stoll-PalletFork
Stoll Pallet Fork
800 Pallet Fork -- 189
FS17 Stoll-BaleSpike
Stoll Bale Spike
600 Bale Fork -- 95
FS17 Stoll-RollTypeBaleFork
Stoll Roll-Type Bale Fork
1,100 Bale Fork -- 211
FS17 Stoll-WrappedBaleHandler
Stoll Wrapped Bale Handler
1,700 Bale Handler -- 285
FS17 Stoll-ManureFork
Stoll Manure Fork
1,000 Manure Fork 1,280 206
FS17 Stoll-ForkWithGrapple
Stoll Fork With Grapple
2,100 Manure Fork 1540 418
FS17 Stoll-SilageCutter
Stoll Silage Cutter
3,900 Manure Fork 1,540 706
FS17 Stoll-LogFork
Stoll Log Fork
800 Log Fork -- 597

Attaching to a Tractor Edit

Both of the available Front-Loading Arms can only be attached to Tractors.

The tractor must be outfitted with the "Front Loader Attacher" modification, which costs $800. You can add this modification when purchasing the tractor, or later by upgrading it at the store or at your Workshop. Only Small and Medium tractors can be fitted with this modification - larger tractors cannot. Note that a few models of Small and Medium tractors are missing this type of upgrade.

Drive the front of the tractor between the hooks of the Front-Loading Arm, and you should get the option to "Attach". Activate this option to link the tractor to the arm. If your tractor is lacking the "Front Loader Attacher" modification, you will not get this option.

A heavier tractor is usually better for working with Front Loading Arms, because its weight will keep it from flipping. When using a lighter tractor, consider connecting a Weight to the rear of the tractor for counter-balance, and avoid driving around while the arm is raised above the tractor.

Attaching to a Tool Edit

A Front-Loading Arm has an attachment point at the front that can hook up to any of the tools found in the "Front Loaders" category at the store, such as a Bale Spike or Silage Cutter. To hook up to a tool, drive the front tip of the arm into the back of the tool you want to attach, and hit the "Attach" key.

If the option to attach does not appear, make sure the arm is lowered to the correct height and the tip is rotated correctly, and make sure the front tip of the arm is touching the tool. If you still cannot attach, it probably means the tool you're trying to attach is designed for a different category of Loaders.

Operating a Tool Edit

Once a tool is attached, you're good to go. Different tools are used in different ways. Find the correct article for the Loading Tool you're trying to use, to learn more details about how to use the tool - what it's for, what it can and cannot do, and how to use it efficiently.