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Starting OutEdit

You start with one field next to Your Farm (Farming Simulator 2013)combine harvester in front of it and it's ready to be harvested. The field always starts off with fully grown wheat in it when you start a new map.  You can chose to plant other plants there and it does not limit you to just having one plant in any one field.

Strategy Tip: Before this initial harvest, buy the cheapest fertilizer spreader to spray the field to double the yield of wheat.


After harvesting and reseeding the field, the best way to get start-up cash is to sell your crops and empty your grain silos at the appropriate buying market for each crop. Most often the best crop you may plant depends on current pricing, but the variation in profitability is minor.

Harvest CycleEdit

Farming Simulator Harvest Cycle

Farming Simulator harvest cycle

The basic harvest cycle is as follows:

  1. Cultivate
  2. Sow
  3. Fertilize
  4. Allow the crop to grow
  5. Harvest
  6. Collect straw (optional)

After you have harvested the crop (and optionally collected straw), you can repeat the cycle from step 1.

Strategy TipsEdit

  • Plowing and cultivating newly purchased fields are unnecessary, as they come pre-plowed and cultivated.
  • Plowing is only necessary if you wish to expand an existing field or convert a grass field to a crop field.
  • If you can afford to do so, waiting for a great demand event before selling will maximize your income.

Side MissionsEdit

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A good early game strategy is getting three modest mowers for the grass moving missions (such as the Kuhn FA367 sickle bar mower and any cheap tractors from the free Farming Classics DLC) and park them near each grass mowing spot of your current map (there are only three moving mission locations on each of the official Farming Simulator 2013 maps). This tactics combined with the mission frequency slider set to 2 minutes can give you lots of cash with little to no trouble. The pallet delivery missions are generally not worth it because they require much more time and work for only a modest increase of income compared to the grass mowing missions.


While you are between missions or waiting for the crops to mature, start to peruse the wealth of information on this wiki. Before you know it, you'll know just which of the various paths in the world of farming you want to explore first!


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Farming Simulator - Episode 1 - How To Get Started!

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