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Grass is a crop available in all versions of Farming Simulator. On the desktop, it can be planted with the use of any capable sowing machine. Unlike other crops, it regrows over time so you don't have to sow it after each harvest. Grass yields 32,000 litres per hectare. fertilizing your grass field does not have any effect on its yield.

Freshly mowed grass must be dried out to make hay so you must use a tedder if you want to make hay bales from it afterwards.

Grass can be mowed with any type of mower. It is also the most basic way to feed cows and the only way to feed sheep. Mowed grass can be picked up and transported by any loading wagon.

There are three locations for missions on each of the official Farming Simulator 2013 maps involving mowing grass.

When you want to harvest this crop make sure it is fully matured unlike the regular crops. The yield is highest when it is at the last stage of growth. The current growth stage of all crops growing on your map can be seen on the in-game options screen accessible through the ESC key.

Selling GrassEdit

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On easy, normal and hard difficulty, grass is worth around 200 $, 100 $ and 50 $ per 1,000 litres respectively. It can be sold in the small wooden barn on your farm, near the green grass heaps around your map or at the biogas plant.

Grass may also be turned into silage, a form of cow fodder. The silage can be processed in special silos at the biogas plant or cow pasture.

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