Hagenstedt is the main Map of Farming Simulator 2013. It is based around a village in the Czech Republic, and features many fields and locations.

Map Hagenstedt

Map of Hagenstedt with Legend. Click on the image to get a clear view (2721x1943)


Remember, there are thousands of locations to explore in Hagenstedt.


Landscapes and landmarks of this island are unique and farmlands are expansive.

Hagenstedt has a small village with beautiful roads, and its shops and railroads are picturesque. A Golf Club and a Camping Site exist to provide a total of three different missions with mowers.

Thanks to the location of the dumping areas, they are all close to the Farm. The smallest farm field is 16, which is owned from the start, followed by 15.

Due to the winding roads and hills, resetting equipment to the Farm is recommended after purchasing it at the Vehicle Shop.

Easter EggsEdit


Hagenstedt's historical buildings

Hagenstedt has its own Easter eggs, just like other games.  A Meteor is an easter egg, falling with a 0.81% chance and landing at the Golf Course. In addition to this, a Golf Caddy can be found on the Golf Course, and can be driven like any other vehicle. Finding all 100 Horseshoes on the Hagenstedt Map will cause a rainbow to appear; at its end, a pot of gold will appear and award the player with one million dollars.


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