Krone Big X 1000 Forage Harvester



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This vehicle is used in producing silage either from cutting grass or chaffing corn. The silage can be used to feed your cows or to produce biogas.

You absolutely need to use a tipper with it, as the forager doesn't have an internal storage. If there is no more space in your tipper, grass or corn will be cut from the field, but you won't get any harvest from it. It is best to stop cutting before reaching full capacity. Hired workers will stop automatically once the tipper is full or if there are not any tippers within the harvester's working range. The pipe will automatically follow the tipper, so you don't need to worry about the placement of the pipe.

The Big X 1000 has 2 different headers that are both used to chaff, but different kinds of crops. The Krone XDisc Direct Cutting System is used to chaff grass and other grain crops, while the Krone Easy Collect 1053 Corn Header is used to chaff maize.

Only 3 tippers are compatible with this harvester when working without help of hired workers or other players. You can attach a train of more than one tipper, but the arm of the harvester can only reach the first one (the arm will be able to reach both attached tippers if you play the console version of the game). The tippers you can hook up to the Big X directly are the Krone Emsland, Kröger Agroliner HKD 302 and Krampe Big Body 500.


Max. power: 750 kW / 1020 hp

Maintenance: 600 $ / day

Usage: Chopping maize/grass to chaff

Top speed: 41 kmh / 26 mph

Price: 395,500 $

Sell: 197,500 $

With the Krone Big X 1000 forage harvester you can chop corn and provide your cows with food. If you are working alone, you can attach a trailer directly to the harvester.

Working width (m) Harvests (as chaff) Price ($)

Krone Easy Collect 1053 Corn Header

10,5 Corn 41,000

Krone XDisc Direct Cutting System

6,2 Wheat
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