Krone ZX 450 GD



See also: Krone ZX 450 GD

This wagon can be your first choice if you want to start tending to your livestock because such wagon allows you to collect relatively big amounts of grass for your cows, sheep or for further silaging.

Tip: Attaching such wagon to a tractor equipped with a front mower like Kuhn PZ 280 F will save you a good amount of time. Trailers of this kind are also very useful for collecting straw from your harvested fields and delivering it straight to your cows feeding troughs, thus avoiding the need of bothering with producing and transporting straw bales.


Loading volume: 43000 litres

Maintenance: 90 $ / day

Usage: Loading and transporting grass, hay, straw or chaff

Price: 99,820 $

Sell: 49,910 $ / 59,892 $ (with the 20% at-store bonus)

The ZX combi wagon combines two applications and serves two purposes - as a self-loading forage wagon in grass and hay harvesting and as a self-emptying chaff trailer.