Kuhn Primor 3570 M



See also: Kuhn Primor 3570 M

The Primor 3570 M is a straw blower that accepts round straw bales, which can be placed into the shredder using a front loader with a bale fork. The bales are then shredded and distributed into the cow shed. The straw is necessary for the cows to produce manure.

Tip: Shredding can also be done much easier with any mixer wagon.


Capacity: 6000 l

Working width: 2.05 m

Maintenance: 20 $ / day

Usage: Shredding bales and distributing straw in the shed

Price: 19,860 $

Sell: 9,930 $

The Primor 3570 M is a straw blower and feeder appropriate for farms with a low power tractor (70 hp) to ensure straw spreading as well as feeding the longest strand fodder (wrapped hay and grass).