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The in-game icon for Lime.

Lime is a new Material in Farming Simulator 19. It can be spread on fields to remove the "Needs Lime" state, increasing the crop yield by 15% of its normal value. This is the only use for Lime in the game.

Fields gain the "Needs Lime" state after three harvests (of any crop) have been completed. In the "Soil Composition" map mode this state is displayed as a light cyan color, and is also reported on the field information box when looking at a field up-close. In the base game, Lime can only be spread by two models of Fertilizer Spreaders (the third model cannot spread Lime).

Lime may be purchased in loose form at Lime Stations for a relatively cheap price. Alternatively, Lime can also be purchased in Pallet form at the Store for a higher price. Lime can be carried in bulk inside certain Tipper models, or dumped as Heaps on the ground. There is no way to store Lime in Placeables or Auger Wagons, making long-term storage and distribution somewhat awkward - though Fertilizer Spreaders can unload their Lime contents in Pallet form. The material itself is rather heavy, making transportation and loading awkward as well.

NOTE: You can turn off the "Needs Lime" state altogether through the options menu.

The "Needs Lime" State[]

So long as the "Lime Required" option is turned on in the options menu, the game keeps track of how much Lime is left on each piece of field on the map. Spreading lime on a piece of field resets that value to 1, regardless of the previous state of that field.

Each time any crop is harvested on that piece of field, the Lime value is reduced by 1/3. The value reaches 0 after exactly three harvests. Once it reaches 0, that particular piece of field now requires Lime.

So long as the Lime value of a piece of field is greater than 0, that piece of field will yield 15% more crop during the harvest. Once the field "Needs Lime" again, that bonus is lost. Note that the bonus is additive with the bonuses/penalties from Weeds, Fertilization, and Plowing.

The Lime value is tracked separately for each piece of field. It is quite possible for part of a field to require Lime while the rest does not require it.

Checking Lime State[]

There are two methods to checking whether a field or piece of field needs lime.

  1. Open the Overview Menu FS17 KeyboardButton.pngOverview MenuDefault Buttons: 30?cb=20170827234847 ESC30?cb=20170827234910 ??30?cb=20170828002413 ??, select the Map tab in the top bar (the world icon), and then switch the map to "Soil Composition". Any crops currently requiring Lime will be colored a light cyan. Note that if the field also requires Weeding or Plowing, it will be colored pink or red (respectively).
  2. Drive to the field you want to check, exit your vehicle, and look at the field from up close. The information box in the bottom right will show whether the piece of field you're looking at requires lime.

Purchasing Lime[]

Lime may be purchased in two different ways, each providing the material in different forms and for a different price.

Lime Stations[]

On the two maps provided with the base game there are two Lime Stations. These are tall tanks standing on thin supports. They can usually be found at or near a Port. They are marked on both the minimap and overview map using their own icon, which is identical to the icon used for your farm's Silos.

If you pull a machine that can contain Lime next to one of these Lime Stations, you'll get the option to refill the machine with Lime. Hit the Refill button FS17 KeyboardButton.pngRefill MachineDefault Buttons: 30?cb=20170827234847 R30?cb=20170827234910 ??30?cb=20170828002413 ?? to start filling your machine with Lime. You will pay for each liter you load. You can stop refilling prematurely by hitting the same button again. Alternatively, refilling will stop automatically if you run out of money, or if the machine is pulled away from the Lime Station.

Purchasing Lime at a Lime Station is significantly cheaper than purchasing it at the Store (see next subsection). It costs only $0.18 per liter, compared to $0.225 at the Store - a 20% discount.

You can refill Fertilizer Spreaders directly from Lime Stations without the need for any other loading machines. If you unload FS17 KeyboardButton.pngUnload MachineDefault Buttons: 30?cb=20170827234847 I30?cb=20170827234910 ??30?cb=20170828002413 ?? the spreader, all Lime content will be dropped on the ground as Pallets (the Lizard Lime Bigbag) containing no more than 2000 liters each. This is useful for long-term storage. However note that these pallets are extremely heavy, weighing around 2,400kg each!

Alternatively, you can refill a Tipper or any other valid Container with Lime as well. However Lime cannot be transferred directly from such a container into a Fertilizer Spreader. Instead, it can be dumped on the ground as a Heap, and then loaded back into a machine using Loaders or Conveyor Belts. While complicated, this method allows you to store a lot of Lime on your farm in loose form and load them quickly into your machines.


You can purchase the Lizard Lime Bigbag at the Store. This is a Pallet containing 2,000 liters of Lime, which costs $450 ($0.225 per liter). This is significantly more expensive than Lime bought from a Lime Station.

The advantage of Pallets is that they can be transported en-masse on Bale Trailers or other similar object-transporters, and can then be stacked at your farm. Also, with this method you do not need to tow your Fertilizer Spreader anywhere, but you do need to arrange transport for the pallets (which can be a chore).

Note that Lime Pallets are extremely heavy compared to other 2,000 liter Bigbags. A single Lizard Lime Bigbag weighs 2,400kg. A Skid Steer or Forklift can easily tip over when trying to lift one up.

If you want to arrange your Lime in Pallets but don't want to pay the higher price at the Store, consider instead refilling a Fertilizer Spreader at a Lime Station and then unloading it where you want to store the Lime (see prev. subsection).

Spreading Lime[]

In the base game, only two different models of Fertilizer Spreaders can be used to spread lime. They are the Bredal K105 and the Bredal K165. The third available Fertilizer Spreader, the Kuhn Axis 40.2 M-EMC-W, cannot be filled with Lime at all.

Lime spreading works exactly the same as spreading Solid Fertilizer. The only difference is the effect on the field (and the visual effect). Once Lime hits the field, it coats the ground with a white powder that is highly visible from a distance. This powder will remain on the field until the next growth stage, or until some other action is performed on that field (e.g. Cultivation or Fertilization).

You can spread Lime on a field during any stage of crop growth, but it will only affect the crop yield if sprayed before the crop reaches the first harvest stage. Spraying lime on a ready-to-harvest field will only increase the yield of the next two harvests.

NOTE: If you have the "Crop Destruction" option turned on in the settings menu, make sure to spread Lime on fields that require it before sowing any crops. If you want to spread Lime after sowing, make sure to use a tractor with Narrow Wheels, and a Fertilizer Spreader like the Bredal K105 with the Narrow Wheels upgrade installed.

Lime and Fertilizer[]

Spreading Lime on a field counts as a state change for purposes of spreading Fertilizer. If you sow a field and fertilize it, then spread Lime on it, you can immediately fertilize the field again to reach 100% fertilization without having to wait for the crop to grow a little first.

This allows you to finish all work on a field (except Weeding) before the crops even start to grow. Whether this is useful or not depends on your play style.