FS17 Lindner-Lintrac90
FS17 Lindner

The Lindner Lintrac 90 is a Tractor available in Farming Simulator 17. It is a small tractor that can comfortably handle light machinery and some pulling, and can take a Front Loading Arm attachment. It is also the smallest tractor that can be equipped with twin wheels for extra stability. However, it also has a few key disadvantages to take into account.

Advantages Edit

  • Front Loader Attacher: With the correct customization option, the Lintrac 90 can equip a Front Loading Arm to manipulate objects.
  • Some Customization Options: The Lintrac 90 has four customization options, two of which are cosmetic. Both the vehicle and its wheel rims can be painted in pretty much any color.
  • Twin Wheels: The Lintrac 90 is the smallest tractor that can be fitted with Twin Wheels for extra stability.
  • Four Wheel Steering: The Lintrac 90 comes with four wheel steering as standard, making it exceptionally maneuverable.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Somewhat Underpowered: For its class, the Lintrac 90 has almost enough engine power to comfortably operate any small equipment and tow small trailers - but not quite enough.
  • No Engine Upgrade: The Lintrac 90's engine cannot be upgraded during or after purchase.
  • Small Fuel Tank: The Lintrac 90 has a much smaller fuel tank than other tractors of similar size. It consumes fuel at the same speed as those tractors, but needs to be refueled twice as often.
  • Very Light: The Lintrac 90 is the lightest of all front-loading tractors. When using a bucket or other lifting implement, it has a tendency to tip over, even with Wide Tires installed. Drive carefully with such implements, or install Twin Wheels for extra stability.

Customization Edit

Front Loader Attacher Edit

Main Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$800

Wheel Setup Edit

  • Standard: Basic wheels.
  • Wide Tires (+$800): Slightly wider tires give a bit of extra stability.
  • Twin Wheels (+$1000): Doubles the number of wheels on the vehicle, by adding an extra wheel on the outside of each existing wheel. Increases stability by a good margin. (Note: The added wheels are narrower than the original set.)

Rim Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$200

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