A loan can be taken out and repaid at any ATM on the map. It is taken and repaid in batches of 5,000 $. They provide instant cash at the price of interest that you will have to pay. You can borrow a maximum of 200,000 $.

Tip: You can also press "Insert" on your keyboard to access the Finances screen at any time.

You have to pay a total of 19 $ per 5,000 $ you have borrowed, per day. This means that it will take 263 days until the interest you have paid equals the amount you borrowed in the first place. To find out how much interest you will have to pay per day, take the amount you have borrowed and divide it by 263.1578947368421. This is still not precise but you can easily round it to the accurate number.

Note that at any difficulty level you start out with a loan already there:

  • Easy: 50,000 $ (190 $ interest per day)
  • Normal: 100,000 $ (380 $ interest per day)
  • Hard: 150,000 $ (570 $ interest per day)