Liquid manure (slurry) tank near the cow meadow on Hagenstedt map.

Manure is a by-product of cow husbandry or the biogas plant operation. It can be used as a free fertilizer for your fields.

Liquid manure or slurry can be collected and then sprayed onto your fields with a slurry tank.


Solid manure pile near the same area.

Solid manure is filled into a manure spreader using any front loader with silage fork or a shovel, then you can spread it on your field. This kind of manure can also be put into various greenhouses.

Also, as the saying goes; "I hate, manure..."

In order to produce manure, you have to supply the cows with straw, while slurry is produced by feeding them with grass or with total mixed ration. The slurry is also produced at the biogas plant at the rate of 100 litres of slurry per 1000 litres of your biomass processed.