A Manure Spreader (not to be confused with a Fertilizer Spreader) is a piece of equipment that can cover a field with Manure. This improves the field's Crop yield. Manure Spreaders are large, heavy, and inefficient. However, the fertilizer they use is practically free.

There are three manure spreaders available in the base game. They differ from one another primarily in capacity and working width, although their size and weight can also be very important. The Big Bud DLC adds 1 manure spreader.

List of Manure SpreadersEdit

Spreader Price
($ / day)
Working Width
Suggested Tractor Power
(kW / hp)
Max. Working Speed
Front Hitch DLC
FS17 Farmtech-Superfex800 store
Farmtech Superfex 800
11,000 30 8,000 8.0 47 / 64 20 Drawbar (Bolt)
Store joskinTornado3
Joskin Tornado 3
49,000 80 19,000 15.0 96 / 130 20 Drawbar (Bolt)
Store strautmannPS3401
Strautmann PS 3401
87,000 140 32,000 15.0 162 / 220 20 Drawbar (Ball)
Store brochardev2200120wr
Brochard EV2200-120WR
198,000 240 70,000 15.0 368 / 500 20 Drawbar (Bolt) Big Bud DLC

Notes for TableEdit

  • The Power Requirements are suggestions only. Read the individual articles to learn the actual recommended tractors for each Spreader.

Overview Edit

Manure Spreaders are machines that can be filled up with Manure, and then taken to a field where they will distribute it onto the soil. The fertilizer material itself is a mix of straw and cow feces which is highly nutritious for plants. Any patch of field covered with this material will increase the yield on the of fruit, when harvested.

There are three Manure Spreaders available in the base game, and they are all functionally similar. Each is comprised of a large open-topped box (a "hopper") which can be filled with Manure. The floor of the hopper has a conveyer belt that can push the Manure towards the back, where it is pressed into rotating corkscrews that will eject it out to the field. The entire device is mounted on wheels, with an attachment point that can be hooked to a towing vehicle.

Manure Spreaders must be filled with (Solid) Manure in order to work. This type of fertilizer is only available as a byproduct of Cow husbandry - Cows will automatically produce it as long as their shed is bedded with Straw. It accumulates into a special enclosure next to the Cow Pasture, from which it can be loaded into Manure Spreaders with the help of a Front Loader.

Once dragged out to a field, unfolded, and activated, the Manure Spreader will continuously expend its supply of Manure. Any ground within the working arc of the Manure Spreader will become fertilized instantly. Manure Spreaders do not care whether the ground they are working has already been fertilized - they will continue expending Manure until they are turned off.

Manure Spreaders expend Manure very rapidly, and will often run out of material when working larger fields. Once empty, the Spreader needs to be taken back to the Cow Pasture for a refill. This process of ferrying the Manure Spreader back and forth from the pasture to the field is the primary reason why Manure Spreaders are not very effective for fertilizing fields. However, once again, the material they use is essentially free of charge, and requires little more than a large herd of Cows and machinery that can produce Straw for those cows.