The Personal Digital Assistant provides access to almost every element of your farm management.

To bring up the PDA and to switch between modes, press the "I" key on your keyboard. Additional info is available in each display mode by pressing "9" to switch better different pages of the current mode.

Mode 1: MapEdit

Flashing icons on the map represent events such as field auctions or great demands.

  • Screen 1: Dynamic map, zooms out depending on your traveling speed
  • Screen 2: Zoomed out

Mode 2: Weather ForecastEdit

Screen changes between the coming days by 4 days each screen.

Note: The weather affects growth speed of your crops. Bad weather conditions such as snow or rain will not allow you to perform any harvesting.

Mode 3: PricesEdit

Here you can see what the different places give for the different crops. Arrows on the right indicate the current price releative to the previous price, higher, lower, or the same.

  • Screen 1: Farm Shop and Freight Yard
  • Screen 2: The Inn and Grain Mill
  • Screen 3: Port
  • Screen 4: Great demands. Locations that pay better for a limited time is on this page. The page lists location, crop, price and remaining time and only appears when a great demand is active.

Mode 4: FinancesEdit

Here you have all your income and expences. Things worth knowing.

  • Screen 1: Today's finances
  • Screen 2: Yesterday's finances
  • Screen 3: 2 days ago's finances


  1. The post "Other" includes seed and fertilizer bought, grass and bales sold, and biogas manufactured.
  2. The hired workers payments are listed under "wages".

Mode 5: StatisticsEdit

  • Screen 1: Current amount of each crop stored in silos as well as eggs carried.
  • Screen 2: Time played, fuel usage, sown area etc for current session and total. Steam achivements are determined by this screen.
  • Screen 3: Cows: All the info you need about cows. How their feed status is, productivity, produced milk amount, etc.
  • Screen 4: Sheep: Number of sheeps, productivity and feed status. And how much wool is currently at the delivery spot.
  • Screen 5: Chicken: Number of chickens and eggs in their pen.