In Farming Simulator 19, each map is divided into several dozen Parcels (also known as Farmlands or Lands). Each Parcel can be purchased or sold separately. Purchasing a Parcel gives access to all of its fields and resources. You may not exploit any resources or make any changes to Parcels you do not own.

Parcels are purchased on the "Lands" menu. It is accessed by opening the Overview Menu FS17 KeyboardButton.pngOverview MenuDefault Buttons: 30?cb=20170827234847 ESC30?cb=20170827234910 ??30?cb=20170828002413 ??, selecting the Map tab on the top bar, and then pressing the "Lands" button FS17 KeyboardButton.pngLands MenuDefault Buttons: 30?cb=20170827234847 X30?cb=20170827234910 ??30?cb=20170828002413 ??. In this menu, click a parcel to see its purchase/sale price. Hit the Purchase/Sell button FS17 KeyboardButton.pngPurchase/Sell ParcelDefault Buttons: 30?cb=20170827234847 Enter30?cb=20170827234910 ??30?cb=20170828002413 ?? to purchase a new parcel (if you have enough money) or sell an owned parcel.

The base price for each Parcel is 60,000 per hectare on both Felsbrunn and Ravenport, but may be different for other maps. Some parcels have a modifier that reduces or increases that value, e.g. when the land is mostly useless. The size of a Parcel is calculated by its total surface area, not just the fields or flat terrain.

Once a Parcel has been purchased, you may perform the following actions on that parcel:

None of these actions can be performed on a Parcel you do not own!

NOTE: The price of a Parcel ignores any crops growing on fields inside that Parcel. If the Parcel you wish to purchase has an existing field on it, wait until the crop growing on that field is something you can harvest before buying that parcel.

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