Potato ripe

Potato at harvest stage

Potato is generally an endgame crop that require substantial investment in harvesting equipment. Fertilized potatoes give you around 80,000 litres per hectare and half as much if unfertilized. This crop does not produce straw.


  1. Plow or cultivate the field;
  2. Sow potato using suitable sowing machine;
  3. Fertilize your field. This step is optional but strongly recommended as it will double the yield;
  4. Remove tops with the Grimme KS 75-4 defoliator (not required if harvesting with the Grimme Tectron 415);
  5. Harvest with the Grimme SE 75-55 or the Grimme Tectron 415 harvesters;
  6. Plow or cultivate the field again to remove stubbles from it, and sow anew.

Tip: Due to the first tractor-pulled potato harvester not working with hired help, and because it only clears one row at a time, it is recommended to wait until you can afford the Grimme Tectron 415.