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Silage can be used a feed for cows or can be sold at a sell point or to the biogas plant. It is very profitable and there's lots of ways to make it. Silage is also a primary component in Total Mixed Ration but can be fed to cows directly too.

Corn Silage[edit | edit source]

Corn silage is made using a forage harvester with a corn header to chop up the whole corn plant into chaff which is thrown out into a trailer that usually towed by another tractor beside the harvester (or chopper). This chaff is the brought to a silage bunker (or bunker silo) and poured onto the ground where its compacted by another tractor using a leveller. Corn produces the most amount of silage per acre but requires a lot more specialised equipment to do it.

Grass Silage (or Haylage)[edit | edit source]

Grass silage is produced by cutting grass and putting it into rows to be collected by either a forage harvester with a pickup header and put into a trailer and then into the silo like corn silage. Alternatively it can be picked up by a loading wagon and the put into a silo, this option is far cheaper than needing a forage harvester.

Grass can also be made into bales by picking up the rows of grass with a baler and then wrapped using a wrapper or using a two-in-one baler and wrapper, this option can be very lucrative as it does not require any bunker silo or compacting but does require bales to be moved and is the least-efficient way to obtain large quantities of Silage.

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