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We need a lot of help creating loads of content for all the new features and equipment that are available every single game of Farming Simulator. Please especially help by expanding the already existing pages for FS17, FS19 and older content if applicable. If you have the game and can add any info in as long as you follow the examples we have.


Here are a few examples of what articles should look like:

If you want, you can always build a template on like a note-pad so you can always have a reference on where items go on a wiki and how they should look/be layed out. Keeping everything on the same page in-terms of design and feel so people don't get lost, etc.

Note: For inter-wiki links, you can use our templates that we created. So instead of typing '[[Animals/Farming Simulator 19|Animals]]' you can type `{{19|Animals}}' and it will generate the same link but shorten and hassle free. We have templates like this for almost every Farming Simulator game on this wiki, just replace the 19 with the version of the current game.

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