Wheat straw

Straw is the by-product of harvesting wheat or barley, it is used for the cows bedding but can also be sold at the Biogas Plant or in the small wooden barn on Your Farm.

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Picking up straw with the Krone Turbo 2500

You can collect it with a loading wagon or make bales of it if you need to store it for long time. Picked up straw can be then unloaded at one of the feeding troughs at the cow meadow. Baled straw can be used in preparing Total Mixed Rations as a filler or supplied to cows directly using any mixer wagon or the Kuhn Primor 3570 M.

Wheat or barley fields yield the same quantity of straw whether fertilized or not. Around 29 tonnes of straw can be picked up per harvested hectare at any difficulty.

Straw is sold for 80 $ per 1000 litres at normal difficulty regardless of the form in which it is sold (square bale, round bale or with loading wagon). Remember that increased difficulty cuts selling prices in half.

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