FS17 Valtra-SSeries
FS17 Valtra

The Valtra S Series is a Tractor available in Farming Simulator 17. It is a large tractor, which is comfortable with both heavy implements and loaded tippers. The Valtra S Series is the largest tractor fitted with Valtra's Reverse Drive Control feature, and has a fast reverse speed to boot. It also comes in stylish black as its default color, can can be fully repainted in any color you want. Unfortunately, with only one engine upgrade, it is not very competitive with other tractors of its size in the long run.

Advantages Edit

  • Reverse Drive Control: The S Series is fitted with Valtra's signature Reverse Drive Control feature, which enables it to switch its driving direction - and then go as fast in reverse as it would forwards.
  • Fast Reverse: Even without Reverse Drive Control activated, the S Series has an impressive top speed when driving backwards.
  • Full Color Customization: Both the body and rims of the S Series can be repainted to any color. Furthermore, its default color (no extra cost) is a stylish black.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Only One Engine Upgrade: Unlike other tractors of its size, the S Series' engine can only be upgraded once. It is a powerful upgrade, but does not make it very competitive in the long run compared to some other tractors.

Customization Edit

Engine Setup Edit

  • S324: No change to engine power.
  • S374 (+$25,000 and +$50/d): Increases engine power output to 294 kW / 400 hp, making it one of the stronger large-size tractors.

Main Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$2,600

Wheel Setup Edit

  • Standard: A set of basic wheels.
  • Wheel Weights (+$1,800): Attaches heavy weights to the rims of the tractor's rear wheels. Acts as a built-in Weight.
  • Wide Tires (+$2,800): Slightly wider tires give a bit of extra stability.
  • Twin Wheels (+$5,400): Adds one additional basic wheel on the outside of each exiting wheel, giving the tractor a total of 8 wheels. This significantly increases the tractor's stability, reducing the chance of tipping over during sharp turns.

Rim Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$500

Specifications Edit

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