A large selection of vehicles are available at the shop.

This is a summary of the vehicles available in the game. See the equipment article for a summary of implements and other equipment.


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Tractors are farming vehicles began as steam powered engines to run a stationary farm machine. They eventually evolved to traction engines used to plow. The progression into the modern era led to additional developments in size and horsepower. Tractors are essential, as they are the workhorse of the modern farm.


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There are two main types of harvesters within the gamecombine harvesters and forage harvesters. There are also a few specialty harvesters used only for a single type of crop. Each harvester can use its own attachments or attachments from other harvesters. Specialty harvesters come with all equipment standard and pre-attached.

Front LoadersEdit

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Front Loaders allow you to load loose materials and bales onto transport vehicles or trailers. They perform tasks like bale and wool pallet handling, manure spreader refilling, silage transporting and more.

Transport VehiclesEdit

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Transport vehicles, like Tippers (Farming Simulator 2013), are used to move crops and modular equipment around your farm.


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mower refers to a piece of equipment that is used for cutting grass or other plants that grow on the ground. They are used to mow grass in the game to provide food for cows and sheep.


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There is only one self-propelled sprayer vehicle in Farming Simulator 2013, all the others are tractor attachments.

Loading WagonsEdit

Loading wagons are used to pick up freshly mowed grass, hay or straw. They can also be filled with chaff if working along forage harvester. There are only two self-propelled loading wagons in the game.

Feeding TechnologyEdit

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There is only one self-propelled feeder in Farming Simulator 2013, all the others are tractor attachments.