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Wheat icon.png

Requires: cultivator, seeder, harvester with a header for grain;

Usage: as food for: chicken and pigs, chaff for compost (after using a special harvester);

Special characteristics: leaves straw which can be collected - you can either sell it or use for animal bedding (pigs and cows). After that, the animals will produce manure.

Steps for farming Wheat
  • Use a plow to cultivate the ground before you start to sow your crop. Attach onto a tractor.
  • Need to lower the plow.
  • Some seeders can plow/sow/fertilize at the same time.
  • Use a sower/header that are compatible with sowing wheat. Some seeders can plow/sow/fertilize at the same time.
  • Buy seeds and/or fertilizer from the shop and fill the sower.
  • Choose the wheat image on your seeder
  • Lower/unfold/turn on the sower.
  • Each field has 2 stages of fertilizations.
  • Fertilizer comes in liquid/solid/natural forms
  • Fields can only be fertilized in the first 2 stages of growth.
  • For example. You can use solid fertilizer in your sower for the first stage. Then once the field is in its second stage of growth it can be sprayed with liquid fertilizer in a sprayer. Sprayers are in the store under the crop protection tab.
  • Oilseed radish is a natural fertilizer that can be planted before sowing. It is cheaper but takes more time.
  • When your map says weeding needed. Use a weedier or spray with herbicide.
  • The field only needs to be weeded 1 time per harvest.
  • A field that is not weeded will produce 20% less crop than a weeded field.
  • Once the filed has finished its 4th stage of growth it is ready to be harvested.
  • Do not drive over the land, otherwise, the crops will be destroyed.
  • Use a harvester and header that can harvest wheat
  • Lower/unfold/turn on the harvester
  • Enable the straw swaths in order to be able to also make straw bales. The bales can be made with a baler and the bales can be sold at the barn for profit.
  • When harvester is full, use your pip out to dump into a trailer. Then check the prices tab to see who is selling for the highest cost and take it there. Dump into grates to sell the wheat.