A Wheel Loader is a type of Vehicle in Farming Simulator 17. Specifically, it is one of four different types of Loaders - vehicles designed for lifting, shoveling, and otherwise manipulating materials and cargo. Wheel Loaders in particular are designed for the heaviest duties.

At first glance, Wheel Loaders appear similar to Front-Loading Tractors, but they are not tractors at all. A Wheel Loader lacks a tractor's Three-point hitch, and cannot power any implements even when it can tow them. It is therefore incapable of doing any field work.

On the other hand, Wheel Loaders come fitted with a powerful lifting arm that can attach to very large Loading Tools. Wheel Loaders can lift enormous quantities of any cargo, but their primary specialty is shoveling or leveling Silage and Manure piles. A Wheel Loader's weight gives it excellent stability when lifting heavy cargo, and it can be increased even further by installing a Front Twin Wheels upgrade.

List of Wheel Loaders Edit

Farming Simulator 17 features only two Wheel Loaders by default. They can both be found in the "Wheel Loaders" section of the store.

Name Price Maintenance cost
per day
Horsepower Max Speed
Fuel Capacity
FS17 Liebherr-L538
Liebherr L 538
145,000 180 156 40 195
FS17 JCB-435S
JCB 435S
182,000 340 230 40 230

Wheel Loader Tools Edit

Farming Simulator 17 offers four different Loading Tools for Wheel Loaders. These can all be found in the "Wheel Loaders" category at the store. Wheel Loader Tools will only attach to a Wheel Loader's arm - they cannot be fitted to any other vehicle in the base game.

Common Features: $5 Maintenance Cost per Day

Name Price Tool Type Capacity Weight
FS17 Magsi-UniversalShovel
Magsi Universal Shovel
3,600 Bucket 6,000 247
FS17 Magsi-PalletForkWheelLoaders
Magsi Wheel Loader Pallet Fork
1,900 Pallet Fork -- 398
FS17 Magsi-LogForkWheelLoaders
Magsi Wheel Loader Log Fork
3,800 Log Fork -- 671
FS17 Lizard-SilageFork
Lizard Silage Fork
4,100 Manure Fork 10,000 401

Additionally, one model of Leveler can be attached to Wheel Loaders, but it must be manually modified for this purpose. This tool can be found in the "Levelers" category at the store.

Name Price Tool Type Capacity Weight
FS17 Holaras-MES400
Holaras MES 400
6,800 Leveler 6,000 1,293

Comparison with other Loaders Edit

Wheel Loaders are one of four different types of Loaders. Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages of Wheel Loaders over the other three categories.

Advantages Edit

  • Large Tools: Wheel Loaders have access to some of the largest tools in the game, primarily shoveling tools. They can carry enormous masses of materials when needed. They are also the only type of Loader that can attach a Leveler.
  • Weight Stability: Wheel Loaders are extremely heavy compared to most other machines. This gives them exceptional stability even when lifting very heavy cargo.
  • Powerful Engines: The Wheel Loader models available in the base game are as powerful as Medium Tractors. This is primarily useful for scaling steep Piles, particularly the Silage piles in your Silage Bunkers.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Difficult Steering: Wheel Loaders are very large and ungainly machines. They are very difficult to control in tight spaces, and cannot do any precision work without extremely good driving skills. Furthermore, both Wheel Loader models in the game are articulated, which makes controlling them even more tricky.
  • Poor Acceleration: Wheel Loaders are very heavy for their engine power. The result is that they accelerate very slowly. Their top speed is not terrible, but it takes many seconds to accelerate up to it. This can also cause problems when trying to tow heavy trailers - though Wheel Loaders aren't really designed for that job.
  • Poor Tool Variety: Wheel Loaders can only attach 5 different tools (see list above), with three of those tools designed strictly for shoveling and leveling. They are mostly designed with only one job in mind: Shoveling Silage and Manure.
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