Your Farm

Hagenstedt farm

Your farm is the player starting point.

At the start of your game you have a small selection of various vehicles and machinery to get you going which are placed in the farmyard. Around this work area is a gas tank to refuel your machinery, a fertilizer tank to refill your fertilizer sprayers and spreaders, pallets of seed bags to refill your sowing machine, a small dark wooden barn to sell excess straw, grass and all types of bales, several sizable storage sheds, a phone box, grain silos and a storage area for potatoes and sugar beet.

You also have a chicken coop in a little fenced off area. This is where your chickens will appear when bought, and also where eggs can be collected.

You home is also nearby which has plenty of land around it that can be used by placeable objects such as beehouse, wind energy converter or various greenhouses.

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