FS17 Zetor-ForterraHD
FS17 Zetor

The Zetor Forterra HD is a Tractor available in Farming Simulator 17. It is a mid-small tractor capable of operating light equipment. Although it has a slightly-high maintenance cost, the Forterra HD can be upgraded into a medium-power tractor, allowing it to remain competitive with stronger tractors.

Advantages Edit

  • Good Engine Upgrade: The Forterra HD can be upgraded at any time with a stronger engine, turning it into an excellent tractor for small fields. Maintenance costs are not significantly increased with this upgrade, either.
  • Free Wide Tires: The Forterra HD comes with wider tires than similar tractors of its class by default, with no need for upgrade. This gives it a bit of extra stability, particularly when lifting objects with a Front Loading Arm attachment.
  • Large Fuel Tank: The Forterra HD's fuel tank is a little larger than normal for its engine power.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Somewhat Underpowered: In its default setup, the Forterra HD will struggle when pulling loaded tippers, especially uphill. The upgraded engine will significantly reduce this problem.
  • Slightly High Maintenance: The Forterra HD has an above-average maintenance cost.

Customization Edit

Front Loader Attacher Edit

Engine Setup Edit

  • 130 HD: No change to engine power.
  • 150 HD (+$10,000 and +$20/d): Increases engine power output to 108 kW / 147 hp, which is slightly stronger than a Valtra N Series at a significantly lower overall cost.

Wheel Setup Edit

  • Standard: A set of wide tires for no extra cost. Gives slightly better stability.
  • Narrow Tires (+$600): A set of narrow wheels. Significantly improves the vehicle's turning radius, but also makes it more prone to tipping over.

Rim Color Edit

Default color

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